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What is an Endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a simple procedure where a tube is inserted to evaluate a patient’s digestive tract. A camera and light are attached to the end of the specialized instrument inserted into the body. Evaluating internal organs and vessels in this way is a highly specialized skill performed by a gastroenterologist.

An endoscopy is most often used in the esophagus, stomach and colon. While there are several other procedures involving an endoscopy, the two most common procedures are Colonoscopy and Upper GI Endoscopy.

Colonoscopy – The endoscope is inserted into the patient’s colon via the anus for the purpose of seeing ulcers, polyps and other problems that can cause bleeding and discomfort in patients.

Common reasons to get a Colonoscopy:

Common diagnosis resulting from a Colonoscopy:

Upper GI Endoscopy – The endoscope is inserted through a patient’s mouth for the purpose of seeing the throat, esophagus, stomach and upper intestines.

Common reasons to get an Upper GI Endoscopy:

Common diagnosis resulting from an Upper GI Endoscopy:

Upper GI endoscopy and Colonoscopy are procedures that enable the doctor, called a gastroenterologist, to examine the digestive system using a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope. The results of these procedures will often help in the diagnosis and treatment of common and serious problems relating to the digestive system.

Useful Links for New York City Patients Needing an Endoscopy:

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